New website!

I’ve just created a new website for my illustration work, including, but not limited to this book. From now on, that is where I will be posting updates about future designs and publications, so check it out!


You can also get the latest updates on Facebook and/or on Twitter, if you enjoy that social media thing. 


Because I could’t have done this alone…

I just received my first check from the publishing site for the first quarter of sales, and it’s a pretty cool feeling to realize that I’m actually a “published author.” 

There are so many people and organizations that played a role in my being able to set out on this adventure and create and self-publish this book. So all of the money from this first check is going straight back to two of the most important ones: The Pacific Crest Trail Association (without which my PCT hike would not have been possible) and Friends of Outdoor School (which works to keep environmental education accessible for Oregon kids. Here‘s why this particular program is so important to me). 

So thank you to everyone who’s already purchased “Doodles Does the PCT” for your contribution! If you’re interested in further supporting good causes involving outdoor education, preservation and/or trees, please check out the links above and consider donating to or volunteering for one of these great organizations. 


FREE SHIPPING!!! (Sort of)

I now have lots of copies of the book at home, so if you’re around Portland any time in the next few months you can buy them directly from me for $15 (the same price as online, but without shipping costs).